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Bucket of Love Project by Little Big Preschool

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

On 21 July, 26 K1 and K2 children, 4 parent volunteers and 6 teachers of Little Big Preschool went down to Macpherson area to give out their Bucket of Love to the residents and CARElderly Seniors Activity Centre.

The event was preceded by a Father’s Day Walk-a-thon and Art Auction to raise funds to purchase the groceries to fill the bucket. This family event was greatly supported by the parents and they all enjoyed a nice walk as a family at Telok Kurau Park.

Some parents not only supported in kind but also came along for the packing and distribution of the buckets. Early in the morning, staff and parent volunteers loaded the bus with all the goodies for the bucket. Soon, the children boarded and they excitedly went on the journey to Macpherson.

Once they disembarked, children and adults quickly settled into 5 groups and started to fill up the buckets with goodies of love to the brim. Each group also came up with their own creatively-drawn bucket tag for each bucket which was heavy with love.

However, the weight did not deter the children and all were eager to present them to the residents. Children were taught to knock politely, introduce themselves and present the bucket respectfully to the residents.

The joy on recipients’ face was like the fuel to the tired arms and legs. Some children still wanted to keep going after more than 1 hours of distribution, they did not want to stop until the last bucket was given away.

Although it was Little Big Preschool’s first time joining the Start Small Dream Big initiative, they are no stranger to community work. For many years, Principal, Ms Ruby has led the centre in various outreach projects.

She believes that it is important to provide opportunities for children to get involved in community work as many children now has the mindset that whatever they wish for will be fulfilled by their parents.

Parents are also appreciative of the centre’s project.

“It is a meaningful project where children are able to help out and give back to the society. My child enjoyed the fundraising event. “ mother of Yi Juin, 5 year old. (sorry I did not capture the mother’s name)

“This project provided us with the opportunity to have an experience of the different living conditions in Singapore. It is very helpful and my son is very proud that he can help”. Adela, mother of Michael, 5 year-old. Ms Ruby also shared that Start Small Dream Big was a thoughtful initiative to encourage young children to give back to the society. And be trained to look out for others. This project helps teachers to not just focus on academic success but also to be considerate and generous towards others.

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