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Ace @ Work Childcare (Cashew Heights): Sending A Love that Echoes Through the Ages

Aptly entitled ‘Making a difference by Sending Love’, Ace @ Work Childcare (Cashew Heights)’s Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project aspires to educate their students on the myriad of ways they can continue to connect with loved ones during this ongoing pandemic.

Although physical meet-ups may be curtailed, the preschool hopes to instil in the children that they can still spread love and joy regardless of restrictions. By embedding the project into their curriculum and designing activities according to this move and the children’s learning, they hope to achieve their goal.

Although they have varying initiatives for the different age groups, all the activities have a uniting focus on family and community involvement.

The Nursery students’ theme focus is ‘Diverse Communication is Our Diverse Community’. The students from N2 will be engaged with an upcycling activity in which they will use recyclables to create creative crafts for Club Rainbow. They will also be taught a special song to perform for a hearing-impaired organisation that utilises sign language. In celebration of the year’s National Day, recyclables will once again come in handy, the students will produce upcycled items that commemorate the nation’s birthday.

Image of students preparing a dance performance for the elderly via Zoom.

The Kindergarten students’ theme focus is Singapore’s Historians, namely the elderly. They will attend a virtual meeting with various members of the elderly community

in collaboration with St Luke’s Hospital. Conducted over Zoom, they will be engaged in an exercise session alongside their elderly counterparts. Subsequently, they will be utilising recyclables to make love cards to send to the healthcare organisation.

The children and their parents alike are equally thrilled by all these activities as they are not only interesting and meaningful but promote the inculcation of good values in the young.

Iris, the Principal of Ace @ Work Childcare Cashew Heights said: “I really love the SSDB tagline, ‘No one can do everything but everyone can do something’ – having the opportunity to extend help and give joy to marginalised people in the community is deeply important and worthwhile.”

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