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Your beans sprouted! WHAT’S NEXT?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Do we grow then throw?

Gardens are starting to return to schools and it is a growing trend because the benefits of gardening are unmistakable. Nature has power to calm children. Being in touch with nature can be therapeutic.

Our all-time-favorite green beans planting are something most of us experienced growing up. It hopes to teach us about plants. However, it is ironic that the lesson is usually abandoned right after it sprouts. Do plants grow and die simply to amuse us? Surely, there is something more.

Gardening is a wholesome approach. Gardening gives us sufficient time and space to watch plants grow and fruit. It helps us to see the full development of plant life. Besides developing respect for plant life, gardening has many other benefits.

It is a science lesson encompassed with a life skill – growing food.

With so many positive benefits, why not give it a shot?​Through gardening, it cultivates patience in children. It helps them to comprehend that food is the fruit of labour. It teaches us to wait. Gardening is a mild to moderate form of physical activity. Plus, children will definitely be exposed to the sun from gardening! With a garden, you will have a chance to eat from it. Can your food get more organic than this? It inevitably encourages us to eat healthily. Think that gardening is only for the countryside or experts? Many gardens have sprouted in schools and housing areas around Singapore. It is possible.  ​With so many positive benefits, why not give it a shot?

A Garden In Every Preschool

Unsure how to begin? Fret not. Preschool Market has a toolkit prepared for educators like you!

​The toolkit includes:

  • Book – The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

  • Adventures in the Garden activity booklet

  • Gardening tools

  • Soil

  • Seeds

  • Decorative stones

To retrieve a set of tool kit, email

This article is contributed by  Ms Esther Eio Director of Programs & Curriculum Curriculum Plus

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