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Start Small Dream Big – Eco Kampung Carnival 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Eco Kampung Carnival 2019

The Eco Kampung Carnival 2019 was held at the Gardens by the Bay, in conjunction with the launch of Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)’s 5th edition of its President’s Challenge initiative, Start Small Dream Big 2019 and the launch of Appreciating our Heritage in Nature Educators’ Guide. The event was held on 25 – 26 April, with close to 1100 preschoolers joining us at this carnival.

We also had the honour to have Minister Desmond Lee joining us at the event and participated in some of the activities with the children.

Eco Kampung Carnival _ Minister Desmond Lee

Preschoolers were engaged in the following activities:

(i) Garden in a dish where children get to do little dish gardens – organized by Gardens by the Bay

Eco Kampung Carnival _ Learning Trail

Eco Kampung Carnival Learning Trail 2

(ii) Learning Trails at the Heritage Gardens – organized by Preschool Market

Eco Kampung Carnival_ Paint with Nature

Eco Kampung Carnival _ Paint with Nature 2

(iii) Painting with Nature – Painting thank you cards for your loved ones – organized by Preschool Market

Eco Kampung Carnival _ Worms on Wheels

(iv) Worms love Coffee – Interacting with worms and coffee art – organized by Cultivate Central

Eco Kampung Carnival _ Story Telling in Dome

(v) Story telling in the Dome – organized by Preschool Market

(vi) Learning about Heritage with Little BeeBot

This event was also reported in The Straits Times, and Capital 958.

Preschool Market and Gardens by the Bay have partnered with Little Footprints to develop an educator’s guide for the project. The activities curated in the guide will provide children with opportunities to explore Singapore’s diverse cultures, traditions, games, food and celebrations, while learning about different plants, including some that are native to Singapore. The e-version can be downloaded at this website:

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