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Earth Day Fashion Show at E-Bridge Preschool @ Corporation Drive!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

On 22 April last Thursday, E-Bridge Preschool @ Corporation Drive had a special Earth Day celebration! It was an initiative by the centre to create awareness about saving the environment and how children can do their part to care, maintain and protect the Earth.

The day started with switching off the lights during the usual health check time from 8am to 9.30am. By doing so, they hoped to spread the Earth Day message to not just the children but also their parents as well. Through this, the children have learnt and understood that by switching off the lights when not in use, it can save energy. There were two lights out timing, one during health check in the morning and another in the afternoon.

During craftwork time, the older children made a garland by stringing different kinds of dried leaves together. They decorated before wearing the garlands like necklaces. The younger children did an Earth painting and painting with nature. The children explored and used nature materials like flowers and leaves to do imprints. In addition to that, children were also given materials like cut-up logs, twigs and branches as construction materials, to sculpt and build a structure.

The older children also had the opportunity to go outside to pick fallen leaves and rubbish using a grabber/reacher tool. Through this experience, the children would understand that their actions can make a difference and create a more conducive environment for everyone around. The children also had fun during shadow playtime in all the classrooms.

Last but not least, it was the highly anticipated show-and-tell and fashion show event! Prior to that, the teachers got the children and their parents to prepare and make an outfit using recycled materials at home. The costumes were conceptualised by the children and meticulously put together by the parents. Their parents were so creative and the children came to school donning costumes made out of recyclable materials like plastic bags and carton boxes. It was interesting and very exciting to see everyone come dressed in vastly different concepts. From the intricate details of the outfits, the teachers could see how much effort their parents put into the costume-making and they were heartened by their enthusiasm. One memorable costume made was an astronaut outfit, there was even an oxygen tank prop to go along with it! “We were very proud of the high quality work done by our children and their parents. They were very durable as a lot of attention was given to adhere the materials together.” gushed Miss Lee. All the children showcased their beautiful outfits either through a show-and-tell presentation and/or a walk down the runway!

Miss Lee Meichan, Centre Leader of E-Bridge Preschool @ Corporation Drive added that, “ Environmental awareness starts from young. It is good to expose children by going through certain experiences to understand what saving the Earth is all about. In fact, the theme for our Earth Day celebration this year is ‘Save our Earth’. We believe and hope that when children acquire this knowledge and experience, they will become advocates for their parents and help them understand their roles in saving the environment too. Everyone has a part to play in this!”

Thank you Miss Lee for sharing with us the Earth Day celebration at your preschool through a phone interview and for the photo contribution!


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