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Earth Day Celebration at Star Learners @ Bukit Batok

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Thank you Star Learners @ Bukit Batok for inviting us down to your Earth Day celebration and contributing to this Earth Day blog series. :D

"We cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that we can do"- Jana Stanfield

Approaching a difficult topic like climate change can be intimidating for younger children, but it is never too early to inspire environmental heroes in our little ones. In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Star Learners @ Bukit Batok introduced the concept of climate change and shared eco-friendly habits our children can adopt to save our environment. Earth Day is recognised as the largest civic event in the world and we were excited to be part of it!

Our focus this year was to encourage our children to practise reducing, reusing and recycling (3Rs), both at school and at home. First up, they made and decorated individual boxes as recycling bins, then categorised the recyclables and put them into the respective bins. We were heartened to find our parents taking part in the recycling efforts too, by contributing recyclable items from home. Looks like the efforts of our little ones have rubbed off their parents!

To introduce the significance of this event, children were treated to a presentation by the National Environment Agency (NEA), where they learnt more about the 3Rs and how they can help to minimise waste. For the next activity, children put their creative juices to work, as they repurposed the recyclables into useful items! Toilet rolls were fashioned into pencil holders; egg carton trays doubled up as planters, and they even made a maze out of boxes and even more toilet rolls!

It was truly a meaningful celebration for all of us as children, teachers and parents too, came together to make a change this Earth Day. Star Learners @ Bukit Batok will continue to celebrate this yearly event and do our part as a school to create awareness and protect Mother Earth. We will continue to inculcate sustainable habits in our children through our day-to-day lessons, in hope that they will practise these beyond their classrooms.

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