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E-Bridge Corporation Drive Family Day

A sustainable flower bouquet awarded by E-Bridge Pre-School as a token of

appreciation for the event.

Small Steps Dream Big (SSDB)

Small Steps Dream Big (SSDB) is a campaign that brings community service projects together for children involving parents and partnering organizations to support these efforts by the preschools. This year, E-Bridge Pre-School officially launched their SSDB project in partnership with Kindred Studio SG by Preschool Market on 25 June 2023 during their E-Bridge Corporation Drive Family Event.

We are pleased to have welcomed more than 100 families at Taman Jurong Community Centre for this carnival-like event that holds exciting activity booths such as— ‘Ice Fishing’, bowling, face painting, and even a ‘NAPFA’ test for the little ones! The games and activities were thoughtfully designed to teach the kids more about a healthy diet while having fun.

When sustainability meets Art and Fun

Bowling pins made out of plastic bottles

From the layout of the activity, we know that this is not your ordinary bowling alley. Made out of plastic bottles, children are tasked to knock down the bowling pins which represent the unhealthy food from the pictures shown at the face of the pins using a ball.

Bowling pins made out of plastic bottles

For children aged 4 years and above, they may choose to attempt level 3 of this activity where they would be required to walk or run on the zigzag line and attempt to bring down the bowling pins. The materials used for this activity was also kindly provided by Kindred Studio SG!

Our Healthy Plate for a Healthy Future

Healthy Plate Platter made out of recyclables provided by Kindred Studio SG

Most of the artworks seen on that day were made using recyclable items collected by the teachers at our warehouse. This includes cardboard boxes, recycled mementos, bottle caps, small plastic bottles, poster rolls and metal cans. This colourful platter which is a representation of the Health Promotion Board’s Healthy Plate has been made out of the collected recyclables.

With its theme being, ‘Many Helping Hands, Caring for Everyone!’ The K2 children, along with guidance from their teachers worked hand in hand to create this healthy plate platter to be displayed at the gallery walk during the event. This sculpture was then presented to the Guest-Of-Honor, Mr Ng Kwang Meng, Chairman of Taman Jurong Community Centre.

Face Painting Time!

Face painting booth by Preschool Market

With the use of stencils and face paint, our team at Preschool Market assisted the teachers in managing the face painting booth where we received a never ending line of queue. From Marvel superheroes request to all types of cartoon characters, it was with the help of our imagination to recreate this look for them. Our efforts were recognised as we got more children in line after their friends had shown them their wonderful looks!

“Healthy Lifestyle for a Lifetime!”

Mass zumba led by the pre-school teachers

This slogan was conceptualized by the pre-school to advocate on leading a healthy lifestyle through their mass zumba session. With the Disney hit, “I like to move it” from Madagascar playing in the background, this instantly brought everyone to their feet as Pre-school educators from E-bridge led the session. Even our team at Preschool Market who were present at the event joined in the fun! We are so happy to see not only the children but even their families joining in for the mass zumba session.

Goodie bags for all!

Preschool Market is happy to provide items for the goodie bag to be distributed to everyone after the event has concluded. The success of this event would not have been made possible without the help and coordination of all the other supporting organizations! We would like to thank all the families who have taken the time to partake in this family day and we hope that you have made memorable memories with your children to look back on.

See you again next year!

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