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5 Ways to Bring Fun Into The Classroom

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Teachers and parents are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage children and make learning interesting and meaningful. Preschool Market lists five ways to make learning fun:

1. Technology

Teachers can harness interactive techonology to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Technology can be used as a tool to promote active learning and allow children to explore. Research shows that using technology while teaching helps accelerate learning and motivate children.  Products to try out: 

Bee-Bot® is an award-winning programmable floor robot with a child friendly layout. It can teach children sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving. The robot allows children to enter their own commands and encourages them to create more complex sequences.

Check out the full line of Bee-Bot products for the classroom here

2. Experiments

Having children carry out simple hands-on experiments helps teachers introduce learning elements in a more concrete way, allowing children to fully understand these concepts. It also nurtures curiosity, encouraging children to think and ask questions about what they have observed from the experiments.

Teach your kids how to create a water tornado, a water fountain, or a handmade thermometer! The Vortex & Pressure Experiment Kit comes with a set of tools and manual to help you assemble the experiment and get it started in no time! ​

3. Gamification

According to game designer and author Jane McGonigal, games teach us to be more curious, aim for  success, and accept failure gracefully. Incorporating games into lessons will encourage kids to learn from mistakes and use creativity in solving problems.

"On The Farm" teaches children about farm animals. The unique board design and large pieces will allow children in many developmental levels to have hours of fun and feel a sense of accomplishment as they complete the different puzzles.

4. Hands on Activities

Hands-on activities help children understand concepts better through what they see, touch, and experience. These tasks reinforce the learning connections in their brain.

Touch & Match Board helps develop tactile skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. It features 10 different sets of materials, each one with a unique texture. This is recommended for kids that are tactile-defensive or have visual impairments. ​

5. Music

There’s a reason why nursery rhymes are passed down through the generations. Music has benefits in many areas of child development such as language, literacy, motor skills, memory, and emotional and social skills.

Learn the alphabet with a friendly cast of animals! Alphabet Animal Friends combines playful rhymes, photos, illustrations, and wonderful songs to help children learn effectively. By helping kids master the alphabet, it helps kids hone their reading and spelling abilities later in life.

Despite all the stress that comes with being a teacher, you can make learning fun for your students. Allowing your students to express their creativity or letting them play during lessons can go a long way in keeping them engaged and motivated

How else do you make learning fun in your classroom? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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