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Cars Without Wheels

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Children will create their very own pull-cart and explore around the house for favourite items that have different shapes on them.

Skill Level: Easy

Suitable For: 3 - 4 years old

Estimated Time: > 30 mins

Environment: Indoors


  • Tissue box without a top surface

  • Hole puncher

  • Yarn or string

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Different shape such as triangles

  • Circles and squares cut outs in 3 different sizes and of different colours

  • White wrapper

Step 1:

Wrap or paint the box if necessary.

Step 2:

Choose a shape that the child would like to work with. Pick out 3 pieces of that shape in 3 different sizes.

Step 3:

Arrange them accordingly from big to small and paste them on the chosen side of the box.

Step 4:

Once all the sides are covered, string a piece of yarn or string through one of the surface and secure it tightly. HERE, IT IS READY! You can now pull it around the house and start putting your favourite items of any shapes inside!

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