Worms on Wheels

Let’s explore the world of worms together. Worms on Wheels is a compact nature-based mobile learning resource kit of preschools. 


Rent a Worms on Wheels and receive:

  1. A whimsical worm hotel ecosystem designed and developed by Cultivate Central for children and teachers to interact with.

  2. A Worms on Wheels Educators Guide. This guide will be filled with activity ideas, pointers on how to work with worms, giving teachers content and confidence to steer engaging learning opportunities and experiences with children.

  3. A care sheet.

  4. Some tools to help children explore worms close up.

  5. An experience and introduction to the world of worms for pre-schoolers without the time, hassle, commitment and space of keeping a worm bin.

Experience Worms on Wheels for any duration of your choice*.

*We recommend renting it for at least 2 weeks to give you enough time to explore and experience the activities in the student guide.

Upon booking the Worm on Wheels will be dropped off at your preschool. Once the rental period is over it will be collected from your preschool.

This programme is brought to you by Cultivate Central and Preschool Market.

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