Raised Salt Painting

by Koo Yi Jie


Play. Learn. Create. Explore

Skill Level: Intermediate

Suitable For: 5-6 years old

Estimated Time: < 30 mins

Environment: Indoors

Raised Salt Painting

Learning Framework 

  • Physical - Fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, wrist and arm control. twisting, swirling

  • Intellectual - Creativity, Be curious, Imagination, Spatial Awareness, Communication, Self awareness

  • Emotional - Increased self-confidence, be comfortable and happy with themselves, be able to relate to others, appreciation, communicate feelings and experiences

  • Social - Willing to share and take turns with others, be able to listen and speak with understanding, to develop a love for the arts


step 1.jpg

Step 1

Lay paper on the table and pour white glue onto the page with a design in mind.

step 2.jpg

Step 3

Shake the excess salt off and leave to dry.

step 4.jpg

step 6.jpg

step 3.jpg
  • White glue

  • Thick black drawing papers

  • Cooking salt

  • Paintbrushes

  • Liquid color paint

Step 2

Pour salt over the glue and ensure that all glue spots has salt.

step 3.jpg

Step 4

Paint the salt spot! You will notice that the color will spread and run through the salt.

step 5.jpg


step 4.jpg

A Fruity Tea Party!.png