Growing Plants

by Phanida Suwanarat


Growing plants in recycled materials.

Skill Level: Easy

Suitable For: 3 - 4 years old

Estimated Time: < 15 mins

Environment: Indoors

Growing Plants

Learning Framework

  • Physical - Pincer grasp, scooping and pouring, colouring, drawing, painting, cutting, glueing

  • Intellectual - Observing, predicting, measuring, comparing, counting

  • Emotional - Appreciation, responsibility, sense of wonder

  • Social - Caring for the environment, making a difference


step 1.jpg

Step 1

Introduce the different beans to children and talk about the differences (size, colour etc). Let them sort the beans.

step 2.jpg

Step 3

Let the children decorate their recyclable containers and fold down the sides.

step 4.jpg

Step 5

Place the paper cups in a dark and cool area. When seeds have germinated, take it out into the sun and water it daily. Make the children to observe and measure the plant. Take photos of the process and make comparisons.

step 6.jpg

step 3.jpg
  • Recyclable materials (milk cartons/cans/vitagen or paper cups)

  • Cotton pads

  • A cup of water

  • Beans

  • Scissors

  • Sticky note

  • Marker

Step 2

Assist them in cutting lines on the paper cups.

step 3.jpg

Step 4

Lay the cotton pads in the paper cups and wet them with water.

step 5.jpg


step 4.jpg

A Fruity Tea Party!.png