Green Leaves

by Rajesperi d/o Krishnasamy


Cover four leaves of a healthy plant with aluminium foil, black paper, plastic sheet and cardboard. Place the plant in a sunlight. After 4 days remove the covers.

Skill Level: Easy

Suitable For: 4-5 years old

Estimated Time: < 15 mins

Environment: Outdoors

Green Leaves

Learning Framework

  • Intellectual - Predicting, observing, experimenting and comparing

  • Emotional - Appreciation

  • Social - Responsibility towards nature - plants


step 1.jpg

Step 1

Cut the different materials into strips of the same size.

step 2.jpg

Step 3

Secure the strips thoroughly with clear tape. Place the plant in an area with sufficient sunlight.

step 4.jpg

step 6.jpg

step 3.jpg
  • Plant

  • A piece of aluminium foil

  • Black paper

  • Plastic sheet

  • Cardboard

  • Tape

  • Scissors

Step 2

Pick a plant in your garden Cover each leave with different materials.

step 3.jpg

Step 4

After 4 days, remove the covering and observe the changes. Hint: You may cover the leaves longer for more prominent results.

step 5.jpg


step 4.jpg

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