Chalk Doodle

by Koo Yi Jie


Make use of the biggest canvas of all - a concrete wall to unleash your creativity.

Skill Level: Easy

Suitable For: 3-4 years old

Estimated Time: < 15 mins

Environment: Outdoors

Learning Framework

  • Physical - Squatting, object control (cylindrical grip and precision grip), walking, stretching, balancing.

  • Intellectual - Creative expression, self-expression through art, experiment with elements of art, talk about art work, creativity and imagination, be aware of their role and responsibility in keeping the environment clean.

  • Emotional - Self-regulation skills, extend their natural curiosity, cultivate a sense of care and appreciation for their environment, promote social-emotional competence.

  • Social - Establishing strong, positive and secure relationships with others, make responsible decisions and act on them, work and play cooperatively with others.


Step 1

Find a spot such as an HDB corridor or a void deck that hardly anyone walks by. The grey concrete serves as the perfect art canvas as it makes chalk stains visible yet it is instantly washable with water.

Step 3

Ask your child to draw away using their chalk!

  • Different Coloured Chalk

  • A Bucket of Water

  • HDB Corridor or Void Deck

Step 2

Parents to use a chalk to draw the ‘boundaries’ to mark the actual space where the child can draw.

Step 4

To clean up, simply pour water over the chalk stains. Wait for it to evaporate. Done!

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