Exploring New Worlds at Playeum

Unveiled just two weeks ago, Playeum’s newest exhibition, “GOING PLAY-CES: A Wanderful Exploration of New Lands”, lives up to its name with six curiously distinct landscapes -- each with its own identity and share of hidden treasures.

Co-created by Playeum, Participate in Design, D/SINI and The Animal Book Co., this exhibition encourages children and their parents to explore the world beyond home -- from the environment directly around them (Evolving Ocean) to the absolute unknown (The Beyond). It centres around sustainability, creativity and the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in the world around us.

Preschool Market team is honoured to be able to join the preview!

You’ll see the first distinct landscape before you even step into the centre. Evolving Ocean is a space made with an array of plastic materials -- including a massive ball of everyday plastic bags suspended from the ceiling. It denotes the plastic waste that ends up accumulating in our oceans and ingested by marine life. This space invites children to explore and question our use of plastic and where it ends up without proper disposal. In the sunlight, the sea of plastic bottles creates rippling reflections of light, mirroring the oceans we need to protect. The outdoor garden across from Evolving Ocean uses both traditional gardening and hydroponic concepts. With this impressive self-watering system, children can understand the importance of sustainability — as well as the fun in gardening when they try a hand at it themselves!

Homeland is a space completely made from materials you might find at home, from cassette tapes to CDs to fridge magnets. This space introduces visitors to Playeum’s journey -- from its humble beginnings as a pop-up to the current space it is today. As the exhibition progresses, Homeland will continue to evolve as children add on their creations.

Quiet spaces, fluorescent lights and the unknown -- The Beyond invites children to play and experiment with colours, shadows and patterns -- in almost complete darkness. Crawling through the small tunnel and past the shroud of black curtains is akin to entering a secret passageway into a completely different world. Strung up old CDs adorn the walls and windows as makeshift blinds, creating colourful reflections for children to explore. In this room, children explore and wonder what lies in and beyond space.

In Land of Light, infants and young children can explore the concepts of light, friction and static. While playing with colourful pieces of cellophane paper, wet sponges and repurposed lightboxes (previously used for sand play), they can even make little artworks by figuring out the science of friction!

Jungaloo brings a little outdoorsy fun into the exhibition, inviting children to explore and discover things in nature in the comfort of the centre. Take a walk through an ever-growing jungle of woven fabrics, discover treasures in the soil and understand growth in nature. There are plenty of mechanisms to figure out in this space too, along with so many stories to tell. Across from Jungaloo, Scrapper City fills the centre space. This mini junkyard encourages children to see beyond the conventional purpose of every little thing around them -- even what is usually considered waste. Materials like wooden pallets, rubber tyres and plastic pipes lie around the space, encouraging children to experiment, play and create something new. See if you can work with these materials to create a new contraption, like a makeshift car or even a little fort out of old fabric!

Right at the end of the centre is The Future Maker Space. This fresh Maker Space encourages children to discover and re-purpose materials like electronic, paper and plastic waste in their creation and play. Some highlights in the space include a spinning laundry drum that serves as a re-purposed home for Yakult bottles and other usable recyclables, and two massive robots made out of almost every thinkable material in the centre (even car parts, circuit boards and piano keys!). The robots, aptly named Scrappine and Crawler, also double as compartmentalised shelves for the electronic waste and recyclables -- all just waiting to be discovered!

All in all, GOING PLAY-CES is an impressive show from the creators, and one you definitely cannot afford to miss. Constantly evolving and growing with each passing day, this is an exhibition created by everyone, for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Head on down to GOING PLAY-CES at Playeum, the Children’s Centre for Creativity, and let your child explore, create and -- most importantly -- play! This exhibition is set to run from 15 May 2018 to 28 April 2019.




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