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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Going back to school may not be something the children look forward to after a long break, neither is it for the teachers! Teachers, we know it, for we are humans too. After a long break from endless noisy chatters and heightened senses to watch out for children’s safety, the thought of “here comes the next round” may affect us. It is perfectly alright to share your honest thoughts with your children though not to the extent of depressing everyone to tears! However, you can share how much your enjoyed your time with your family, how you miss it and they may be feeling the same way too. You will be surprised at how children will connect to you better and some may even offer comfort or some may share how they are happy to be in school!

EASE THE START, BUT GET INTO IT QUICK Start off gently without stressing everyone. Spend some time to get to know your children in class meaningfully through sincere conversation, activities or games. Do NOT use this as an excuse to DO NOTHING and waste time in the name of “transiting/ just get the rules right”. All good rules should lead to meaningful gains and enjoyment. No one can just sit down and be quiet for quiet's sake. Quietness should bring about enjoyment of a book, engagement in a fun activity or perhaps an opportunity to choose a desired learning corner. In short, following your rules should bring about something positive in class and not just to avoid your anger. As much as you feel great inertia, getting the “engine” started will help ease children, and even you, into school routines quick! If it's in the schedule to read, read. If it is in the schedule to teach, teach. You get the idea! The content for teaching do not need to start with the most complicated, but start.

EXCITE YOURSELF, EXCITE THE CLASS This is my little secret to get myself excited at the brand-new year. I usually plan something fun for my class in conjunction with the theme or book that we are on. I love parties and so I remember planning for a ladybug party at the end of January when we were on the book of The Grouchy Ladybug. Oh, I could not have been more happy and excited as I weaved something I enjoyed with my work! Different things excite us. What is yours? Is it possible to share your passion, things that you enjoy with your class? 😊

Finally, SLEEP EARLY. At the start, avoid late nights so that your will not tire yourself. It gets to even the best of us when we are tired. Knowing that your may dread school when you are tired, avoid it. By ensuring good night sleep for at least the first week of school where the emotions are the hardest, we tried out best in “immunizing” ourselves against negative feelings.

All the best to a great new year – 2018! ~Esther Eio, Curriculum Plus

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