hello november

We're almost all the way through the year! It's time to take care of longstanding messes and clear up your desks after a long and fruitful year.

Create your own upcycled stationery holders following the instructions below!

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Gather a few 1.5l bottles. You can also encourage your friends and family to collect them for you. Make sure they're washed and clean!


Draw out animal ears on the bottles as seen in the illustrations on the right. You can draw a bear, rabbit, cat and more.


Cut out the shape with a penknife and scissors, and be careful not to hurt yourself.


Paint a white base coat on the bottles, using acrylic paint. This will make painting and decorating easier later!


Decorate your stationery holders as much as you want. You can paint them in different colours and accessorise with recyclable materials!


All done! Take pictures of your upcycled stationery holders, post them on Facebook or Instagram, and tag us at @preschoolmarket!

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