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We're almost halfway through 2019!

The month of May is all about love and self-care. Below, you'll find some self-care tips for you to be more mindful of your mental health and wellbeing.


Also, Mother's Day lies on 12 May this year, so let's take the time to celebrate the amazing women in our lives mothers everywhere with a Light-up Mother's Day Card!

Take care

Whatever happens, your wellbeing and mental health come first. Take time off to rest your mind when you need to. Everyone needs a good recharge every now and then to come back stronger.

drink more water

Always remember to stay hydrated! Try to drink about 2 litres of water a day. Drink more plain water and cut down on sugary or carbonated drinks


Sometimes the best way to get something off your chest is to pen it down. Write yourself a letter, or write a poem for a friend. Words and art are a powerful way to express yourself.

less social media

Social media gives you a glimpse of everyone else's lives, but things aren't always as they seem. Try giving yourself less screen time! Living in real life gives you the truest experiences to revel in.

Things you'll need:


LED light

Circuit tape

Card template

Colour pencils, markers, crayons


Print out the template from the link below. Take care to adjust the print settings accordingly!


Decorate the front page of the card as much as you'd like. Write a note too!


Cut two strips of circuit tape to fit in the blanks on the circuit guide. For the '+' strip, ensure it's long enough to cover the 'battery' space.


Attach a battery to the 'battery' space and the LED light in the red triangle. Ensure the positive and negative sides match.


Close the card and watch your artwork light up!


Have fun!


If you carry out this activity in the classroom, do take pictures and send them to us at

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