Egg Hunt

by Reya Shanthi Kalymuthu   



  • Physical - Bending, picking up, walking, running, balancing.

  • Intellectual - Analysing the notes, observing the surrounding, exploring the environment.

  • Emotional - Built confidence, self esteem, achievement, determination, perseverance, persistence.

  • Social - Can be a group activity with family and friends, encourages discussions and emotional support.

Learning Framework?

  • Physical

  • Intellectual

  • Emotional

  • Social




5-6 years old


> 30 mins



What You Will Need

  • 10 Eggs

  • 1 Container or Basket

  • 10 Pre-written Sticky Notes

  • Marker Pen


Adults will find a spot such as a park or housing area where they will hide the eggs numbered from 1-10. The eggs can be real boiled eggs or plastic eggs. A piece of paper will be pasted on each egg indicating where the next egg is located. There will be a basket for children to carry and place their eggs. Throughout the hunt, the adult can follow the child and be part of the activity. The objective of this activity is for the child to learn order, sequencing, numbering, improving language skills and to encourage their social emotional skills. When the child completes the hunt successfully, the adult can reward the child by making a boiled egg mayo sandwich together.

Step 1

Gather the materials.

Step 2

Number the eggs from 1 – 10.

Step 3

Give the rules to the child by first picking up the eggs in numerical order and to read the notes carefully for clues. The adult must hide the eggs in a chosen safe area (indoor/outdoor). Adults must also check the area and ensure that the area is safe.

Step 4

Now you can begin the game until you get all 10 eggs.

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