Earth Week

This April, we'll be celebrating Earth Day and Earth Week! There are many eco-friendly habits you can pick up to play your part for the earth.


Let's make a conscious effort to be more mindful of our environment, starting with a waste-free lifestyle!


Here's a list of things you can do to have a more eco-friendly 2019:


Reusable strawS

Get yourself a reusable straw! There are several kinds in the market made of metal, bamboo and even silicon. Take the first step in refusing single-use plastic!


reusable cutlery set

Buy a reusable cutlery set to bring along with you! When you order takeaway food, you won't have to take single-use utensils.


save your leftovers

Cook or order smaller portions of food to minimise food wastage. If you have leftovers, save and store them for the next day's meal!


Go digital

Print less documents and reduce the use of hard-copy lesson plans or worksheets. Wherever possible, use file-sharing, cloud storage and email instead.


save recyclables

Instead of throwing them out, start collecting recyclables like bottle caps, egg cartons and plastic trays. You can then repurpose them for craft projects in the classroom!

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