Ant for a Day

by Parent Contributor Nick Pan

Learning Framework?

  • Physical

  • Intellectual

  • Emotional

  • Social


  • Physical - Walk, balance, bend and curl, weight transfer

  • Intellectual - Natural and built environment, places and spaces, observing, asking questions, reflecting

  • Emotional - Self-directed Learning

  • Social - Love their families, friends, teachers and school




5-6 years old


> 30 mins



What You Will Need

  • Black T-Shirt

  • Straws

  • Headband

  • Scissors

  • Black Socks

  • Clear Tape

  • String

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Coloured Tape

  • Safety Pins

Cooperative, diligent and hardy, ants have many virtues to recommend. Dress your child as an ant for one day have teach him about importance of working as a team and family.

Step 1

Gather the materials.

step 2

Roll the bubble wrap into a cylinder and insert it into a sock. Repeat with the other sock.r the materials.

step 3

Fold in the excess flaps of cloth on the socks and secure them with clear tape to create the ant’s legs. Attach the legs onto the sides of the t-shirt with safety pins.

step 4

Cut 2 pieces of string and thread them through the socks.

step 5

Split one end of 2 straws. Attach the two split ends of the straw onto a headband to create antennae. Secure them with black tape.

step 6

Decorate the headband with black and red tape. Bend the top end of the straws to create the elbowed antennae ants have.

step 7

You now have an ant suit!

step 8

Let your child put on the ant suit and tie the threads to his wrist so that the artificial legs move with his arms.

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